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  • If you are a foreign national applying for a visa to come to Canada, you can get access to the case notes of your immigration files, processed at Canadian visa offices around the world, through the GCMS (Global Case Management System). The GCMS system is currently the only universal cases management system, used by all Canadian immigration officers, and contains everything about your immigration or citizenship application cases, from updates (for eligibility, criminal or medical exam checks, current status, officer notes, steps that have been completed or to be completed, notes about reasons for refusals or approvals, etc.) The Canadian law governing Access to Information Act does NOT allow access to immigration files to those who live OUTSIDE Canada. You need to appoint someone who are physically living in Canada to request the GCMS notes on your behalf. Able Immigration, ran by Canadian citizen living in Canada, can access the file on your behalf and send it to you legally and securely for the low administrative fees. If you currently live in Canada, you can also retain able IMMIGRATION to assist you with the GCMS ordering process for your immigration or Canadian citizenship applications.